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About Us

Formed in 2020 by military veterans Martyn Compton & Warren McKinlay.

The company was born from a shared passion for racing and the challenges that come with it. The name of the company represents the military past they share and the attitude they take into their motorsport future. “Stand to” is a term used in the Army meaning to be prepared and ready for action. The term also fits well in motorsport, where the unexpected is always waiting to keep you on your game.
Martyn and Warren are both injured ex-servicemen who found motorsport to be a powerful tool in their continued recovery process

Meet the Team

Martyn Compton

Whilst serving in Afghanistan with the Household Cavalry in 2006, my troop of small tanks was ambushed by the Taliban. They surrounded us as we retracted from a built up area, setting off an improvised explosive device (IED), blowing the tank I was driving in half, unfortunately killing the rest of my crew and leaving me a sitting target. They then shot rocket propelled grenades (RPG) at me which engulfed the remains of the tank and me in flames. I pulled myself out of the driver’s seat and managed to get to cover, after putting myself out I was then shot twice in my right leg.

With 75% burns to my body I spent the next four years undergoing approximately 500 hours of surgery, learning to walk again and intensive physiotherapy to help with scarring. By 2010 I was at a stage where my surgery was less frequent, meaning I was at home more. This lack of interaction led to me being diagnosed with PTSD, leading to maybe some of my darkest days.

Luckily around this time I was introduced to racing, this gave me everything I was missing from life, the focus, the team work and the adrenaline. It almost felt like I was back in the military. Racing took over my life and still plays a massive part in keeping me moving forward, rather than looking back on the dark days.

Teaming up with Warren to form Stand2 Motorsport is the next big step for me. We have both raced for several years now in multiple categories, but always for someone else’s team. We are not underestimating the challenges that lie ahead of us, but everything feels that little bit sweeter when you believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

Warren McKinlay

In 2005 whilst serving in the Army as a Recovery Mechanic in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME), I was involved in a motorcycle accident which left me with a broken pelvis, fractured spine and a traumatic brain injury. During my rehabilitation at Headley court I was then diagnosed with Cotard’s Syndrome, or Walking Corpse Syndrome a very rare disorder. Making life very difficult for me and people that surrounded me, as I believed I had died in the accident and Headley Court was in fact my purgatory. Reinforced daily by the suffering of others around me, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with their own life changing injuries. Medically discharged from the services in 2006 I felt like I’d been brushed to the side, to be forgotten about and had no direction in life. I met Martyn in 2015 through the military motorsport charity KartForce and over the next 5 years we became close friends, there to pick each other up when needed. Looking back, this friendship coupled with our desire to go racing now seems inevitable we’d end up forming our own motorsport business. Stand2 means to be prepared, ready for action! Our business model is to offer sponsorship packages, exclusive motorsport events and deliver Keynote speaking services only we can provide. Life with a brain injury isn’t easy, it puts strain on everybody around me. Motorsport is my escape, I feel free from it all when I’m behind the wheel of a race car.